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What Dan Does: Dan's Subject Matter

Dan deals with how we connect the realities of trucking with the people issues that control those realities. The most frequently requested general areas of concern are:


  • Trucking 101: what trucking is, how it's put together, how it works and how the realities of the requirements demand a constant attention to and nurturing of the human side of what we do.

  • The Driver Retention Dilemma: How today's driver shortage has become trucking's biggest challenge. What does a company have to do to become the kind of company a driver wants to work for?

  • The Generational Challenge: understanding each of the four generations that are in today's workplace; their respective strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with each cohort to help it maximize its strengths.

  • The Company Culture Requirement: today, with the younger generations, a strong, well-maintained company culture is a mandatory requirement to employee retention.

  • What Makes People Tick: an in-depth series on why people do what they do and how to stand back and understand what is going on when anger, conflict and confusion cloud the central issues of our lives and work.

  • On Being Comfortable With Yourself: starting the on-going process of growing into a fear free person, who can get out of your own way and do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

  • Other subjects: there are a number of other topics that fit well in and around these above-mentioned categories. Some of them are:

    • Effective communication skills

    • Teamwork exercises

    • Fixing the system instead of the blame.

    • Conflict resolution

    • Anger management

    • Understanding and absorbing change.

    • Besides his speaking and consulting, Dan also produces customized audio and video programs for individual companies of all sizes.




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